Substance Abuse Articles

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I have attempted to organize the information here by starting with articles of more general interest and not substance specific.  Afterwards I have arranged articles according to the specific substances involved intermixing articles about intoxication as well as treatment.  Some of my articles were written several years ago and I have tried to update them whenever I could .
General Information on Addiction   

Opioid Drugs and Suboxone


Sedative drugs

Psycho stimulant drugs

Miscellaneous drugs (marijuana, club drugs, and hallucinogens)

General Information on Addiction 

Stages of Withdrawal-Progressing from Active Use to Recovery

How Drugs Get Us High (Why We Like to UseThem)

Tolerence and Physical Dependency

What are the different types of Cravings and How Can We Prevent Them 

Why do We Crave Drugs so Quickly and Intently- What Causes the Intense "I WANT" Reflex?              

A Theory on a Cause of Addiction-Abnomal Glutamate Resulting in a diseased Motivation System and the Inability to Stop Thinking About Drugs?

A Theory on a Cause of Addiction-Abnormal Dopamine Biology Before Initial Use 

A Theory on a Cause of Addiction-Pathologic Learning

Zofran- a medication to prevent drug cravings

A Doctor’s Take on Spirituality 
When Am I In Recovery?

Depression and Anxiety in addiction       

The Importance of Treating ADHD with Addiction                         

Pharmacology Terms      
A General Approach to Good Nutrition

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Opiate Drugs (heroin, methadone, Vicodan, oxycodone)

Dr. Wasser's Protocol for Outpatient Opiate Detoxification    

Buprenorphine (Subutex, Subuxone)

Naltrexone (Vivitrol injection)-an alternative to control cravings    

Suboxone-How Long Should Someone Stay On It
Opiate Withdrawal Syndrome     

Treatment of Opiate Withdrawal Syndrome      

Zofran for Opiate Withdrawal Syndrome   

Acupuncture Without Needles to Relieve Opiate Withdrawal at Home          

Does Simply taking Pain Medicine Make Me an Addict?   

Did I Develop Addiction From My Pain Treatment?    

Rapid Opiate Withdrawal Procedures           

Maintenance with Methadone or Buprenorphine  

Naltexone and Buprenorphine Simultaneously-a technique to Aid Detoxification

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Alcohol Articles         

Guide to Dr Wasser's Alcohol Detox Protocol     

Alcohol Mechanism of Action      

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome          

Medications to Maintain Sobriety                 
Alcoholism Sub-Types and Differences in Response to Treatment               

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Sedative Drugs (tranquilizers)-Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Fioricet, Ativan, GHB, Sleeping Pills     

Dr. Wasser's Protocol for Treatment of Sedative Withdrawal     
Effects of Sedative Drugs     

Trouble With Sedatives Even Though I am Using Them As Directed         
Sedative Withdrawal Syndrome  

The Trouble With Soma
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Psycho-stimulant Drugs (cocaine, amphetamine, ecstasy, nicotine)

Dr. Wasser's Approach to Stimlant Withdrawal Syndrome      


Amphetamine and Ecstasy 

Mechanisms of Stimulant Cravings and Treatment           

The Legal Stimulants: Nicotine and Caffeine    

Treatments for Nicotine Dependence    

What is the Best Timing for Stopping Nicotine in Relation to Drug Treatment?        

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Miscellaneous drugs (marijuana, club drugs, hallucinogens)

Effects of Marijuana Use           

Is Marijuana Addictive?        

An Overview of Haluucinogenic Drugs       

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