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About the office/What patients should expect
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About the office/What patients should expect

Dr. Wasser is a  solo practitioner focused on addiction and weight management issues.  He also does primary care..  Patients  are seen by appointment.  Non-emergent patients will usually be seen with one week.  Patients who are in acute withdrawal are  given an appointment as soon as possible.  It will be the same day if the office is open or the next day if the office is already closed. After they are seen and evaluated, medications will be prescribed.

If a patient presents desiring weight loss, the medical evaluation will include an EKG as well as bloodwork.  The bloodwork includes most routine tests but will also include assessments for thyroid disease, diabetes,  vitamin D, cholesterol and uric acid.  Male patients will also have their testosterone checked.  Any other blood testing can be done on an as needed basis.  Appetite suppression and/or food craving medications will  then be prescribed.  Please see appropriate articles for a description of such medications and how they work.

Dr. Wasser believes most diets work if one sticks to them.  His job is to help patients stick to a diet. Varying levels of diet support wil be given depending on the patients knowledge and experience.   Carbohydrate sparing diets are always a good option.  A very intense diet support program is  available if the patient so desires.  Dr. Wasser does not provide liquid diets but will monitor anyone who feels this option suits them best.

If a patient presents for alcohol and/or substance abuse treatment, medications will be prescribed as appropriate for the situation.  Dr Wasser prescribes suboxone.  He also administers Vivitrol injections.  Librium is provided for alcohol use as well as sedative abuse.   He also uses a wide variety of non controlled medications to control withdrawal symptoms.

Follow-up visits will occur from a few days to a month depending on the clinical situation.  Urine drug tests are required when controlled medications are prescribed longer than a few weeks.  .  After the detox is complete, several non-controlled medications may be prescribed to reduce drug cravings.  Please see appropriate articles for a description of such medications and how they work.

Although he is well-versed in pain management and chronic opiod issues, no opiods will be prescribed except for Suboxone or Subutex.  Dr. Wasser's role in chronic pain treatment is in evaluating medication regimens and determining which aspects of care are sub-optimal.  He will suggest alternative regimens.   Non-controlled medications, however, may be prescribed  

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Insurance coverage

In addiction treatment, office policies pertaining to insurance coverage has often been a sense of frustration, confusion and perhaps anger.  Why do doctors always charge cash for suboxone treatment?  It seems selfish and unreasonable.

The fact is that insurance companies do not want to reimburse for addiction care.  They use a bunch of technicalities to escape payment.  It turns out that addiction treatment is considered a mental health benefit.  Many insurance companies have mental health subsidiaries that act as  independent insurance companies.  Even when a doctor participates with a company for Internal medicine, any claim for addiction treatment is automatically routed through the mental health subsidiary.  They will consider him a non-participating doctor and deny payment.  Even if they state they cover such care, there are often pre-certifications needed.  These can be difficult to get and are often denied for capricious reasons.  One cant know what will be denied until way after the visit. occurs.

Recently, a handful of companies have begun to change their policies.  Call the office for specifics. 

For persons presenting for weight management, insurance companies also have varying policies regarding coverage.  Please call the office for details. 

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PRICES (for patient whom insurance does not cover)

New patient                                                   $250                                             
Follow up visit                                              $90
Follow-up visit(within 2 weeks)                   $70
Reinitiation of detox Protocol                        $150
(if more than two year have elapsed since last visit- patients are treated as new patients)
Urine drug testing (in office)                         $20

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Office location  (map/directions) 
                        Phone Numbers 

176 North Village Avenue Suite 2E                 office 516 594-2514
Rockville Centre NY   11570                          fax    516 208-5510


 Monday  10 am-5pm
 Tuesday        1 pm-7pm
 Wednesday  closed
 Thursday         10:30am-2:30pm
 Friday    1 pm-5 pm
 Saturday    9 am-1 pm
 Sunday  closed

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