Pain articles 

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I have attempted to organize these articles various subjects starting with definitions of terms needed to really understand the approaches to pain treatment as well as a description of various types of pains.  I’ll then talk about various pain approaches and medications.  I am not an expert on the various invasive pain management techniques and you will need to look into other sites for that type of information. 
Please remember that I no longer prescribe opioids other than Suboxone for pain .   

Science of Pain treatment

Clinical issues        

Basic terms and Science

Introduction to Basic Pharmacology Concepts                

Tolerence and Physical Dependency                   

Short Acting Pain Medication      

Delayed Release Pain Medication            

Long Acting Pain Medications-Methadone and Suboxone                  

Guide to Non-opiate medications that treat pain                 

An Introduction to Different Types of Pain                

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Clinical  Issues

An Approach to Choosing the Right Opiate Pain Medication               

Does Simply taking Pain Medicine Make Me an Addict?         

I Think I Am Addicted to My pain Medication-How Did That Happen?

Suboxone: A Medication for Addiction That Can Also Be Used For Pain                                    

The Trouble With Soma 

How High An Opiate Dose Is Too High       

Acupuncture Without Needles- For Acupuncture Anytime at Home or Work        

Naltrexone to Treat Pain-A Counter Intuitive Clinical Benefit      

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