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General information

Dr Stuart Wasser runs a small office dedicated to treatment of addiction and impulse control disorders.    He has detox and weaning  protocols for all drugs;  He provides medication assisted treatment (MAT) with Suboxone, Vivitrol and naltrexone. He also provides pharmacotherapy  for cocaine, methamphetamine, alcohol,  marijuana, nicotine and sedative (Xanax, Klonopin, Soma, Fioricet) dependence.  Process addictions such as gambling, compulsive sexuality and many eating disorders are also treated. Patients are seen  and treatments are individualized.   Counseling and 12-step meetings are recommended but not provided by the office

Contact information

176 North Village Avenue Rockville Centre NY 11570  Suite 2E

Phone: 516 594-2514

Fax: 516 208-5510

email: drwasserpanel@optimum.net 

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Monday     10:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Tuesday       1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Wednesday  closed

Thursday    10:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Friday            1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Payment policies:

 The status of addiction medicine is changing from a non certified specialty to one where physicians and programs are certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties.  Due to this change, the status of certified specialists like Dr, Wasser is in flux.  Traditionally, his services were not covered and payment had to made directly.  However,  this situation is changing and you will need to check with office.  If the status of the insurance company payment is unclear, payment will need to be made upfront with refund/credits applied at a later date 



Initial Visit:  $300

Restarting a detox in established patient: 175

Follow-up visit: 120

Follow up visit if within 2 weeks: $80

What to expect

 Dr. Wasser is a  solo practitioner focused on addiction and weight management issues.  Patients  are seen by appointment.  Non-emergent patients will usually be seen within one week.  Patients who are in acute withdrawal are  given an appointment as soon as possible.  It will be the same day if the office is open or the next day if the office is already closed. After they are seen and evaluated, medications will be prescribed.

If a patient presents for alcohol and/or substance abuse treatment, they are seen by Dr wasser and then medications will be prescribed as appropriate for the situation.   They will be electronically sent to the pharmacy of the patients choice.

 Dr Wasser prescribes suboxone.  He also administers Vivitrol injections.  Librium is provided for alcohol use as well as sedative abuse.   He also uses a wide variety of non controlled medications to control withdrawal symptoms.  Please see article on this site for more information

Follow-up visits will occur from a few days to a month depending on the clinical situation.  Urine drug tests are required when controlled medications are prescribed longer than a few weeks.  .  After the detox is complete, several non-controlled medications may be prescribed to reduce drug cravings.  Please see appropriate articles for a description of such medications and how they work.

If a patient presents desiring weight loss, the medical evaluation will include an EKG as well as bloodwork.  The bloodwork includes most routine tests but will also include assessments for thyroid disease, diabetes,  vitamin D, cholesterol and uric acid.  Male patients will also have their testosterone checked.  Any other blood testing can be done on an as needed basis.    If you have recent bloodwork, please bring those results to the office.  Appetite suppression and/or food craving medications will  then be prescribed.  Please see appropriate articles for a description of such medications and how they work.

Dr. Wasser believes most diets work if one sticks to them.  His job is to help patients stick to a diet. Varying levels of diet support will be given depending on the patients knowledge and experience.   Carbohydrate sparing diets are always a good option.  A very intense diet support program is  available if the patient so desires.  Dr. Wasser does not provide liquid diets but will monitor anyone who feels this option suits them best.

Although he is well-versed in pain management and chronic opioid issues, no opioids will be prescribed except for Suboxone or Subutex.   Dr. Wasser's role in chronic pain treatment is in evaluating medication regimens and determining which aspects of care are sub-optimal.  He will suggest alternative regimens.   Non-controlled medications, however, may be prescribed