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Recently, I became involved with the Medi-fast diet.  I am involved both  as a "coach" but more importantly as a patient. Starting in February of  2014, at the insistence of my own physician, and with a fair amount of  skepticism, I began the diet.  I have been quite successful losing over  30 pounds in the first two months and I am still going strong.  I will  see whether it will stand the test of time, but it has been a great  start for me and for several of my patients.

Traditionally, I had not advocated any particular diet.  I felt that any  diet that one remains compliant with is a good diet.  I still feel this  way.  Weight watchers, South Beach, Atkins, Nutrasystem all have their  benefits- as does overall self control and discipline.  So why have I  developed this special relationship with the Medi-fast plan?  Because-  for me - it is easier to follow.

The basic diet consists of 5 small meals.  These are eaten every 2-3  hours.  The meals are small, but the frequent meals prevent hunger  especially when one drinks the appropriate amounts of fluids (coffee,  iced tea/water etc).  And there are some 70-80 meals.  Breakfast can be  one of two types of dried cereal, 3-4 types of oatmeal, 4 types of  pancakes or even eggs.  I tend to have a chocolate chip pancake since I  don't like having cereal or oatmeal and its easy to grab the pancake and  eat on the fly..

During the day, while I am  running around from clinic to clinic, I    have a choice of 10-15 types of food bars (lots of chocolate).  I keep  these bars in the car and elsewhere so I don't have to stop for meals.   If I am in my main office and have access to the microwave, I may have a  " Hearty Meal" choice:  Chile, Sloppy Joe, Macaroni and Cheese, or Ziti  Marinara.  The sloppy Joe is particularly good.  There are soups and   shakes as well, although I am less familiar with these choices.   At  night I can eat pretzels or a cheese doodle like snack- they're as good  as any other type of junk food and the relatively low carb content means  there is less "craving for more" when I am done..  There is a regular  as well as a chocolate chip brownie and pudding as well.  So there is a  large variety of food.

In addition to the five small meals, you eat a healthy meal on your own.   The meal consists of a lean protein, a non-starchy vegetable and an  optional salad.  I usually have this meal as dinner but one could do  this meal at any time of the day.  Although this meal is carb free,  there are carbs in the 5 small meals so carb cravings are minimized.

If I am still hungry- I grab some peeled carrots or string beans- lucky  for me I like these things.  They are not on the diet although the diet  does have other optional snacks.  

The food runs $10-12/day depending on whether you buy greater or less  than  than 3-4 weeks of  food  at any one time.  This amount is slightly  more than I had spent for lunch previously and certainly less than the  cost of breakfast and lunch together. Therefore, I think I am even  saving money.  The 5 meals provide 550 calories.  If you add the  calories of the regular meal, one is eating 900-1200 calories a day.   Most people expect to lose 2-5 lbs the first two weeks and 1-2 lbs/week  after that.  Some lose more.

Of course, people are not perfect- especially me.  I go out for dinner  and certainly have weak moments.  Therefore, I have strayed.  When I  have strayed while on other diets, returning all the way into compliance  has been inconsistent.  There tends to be a "creep" away from the diet  and to my old mal-adaptive eating patterns.  However, with the Medi-fast  meals- given the built in discipline of the prepared meals, I find it  easy to return to proper eating the very next day.

After I reach my goal, I think I will continue to maintain eating the  meals indefinitely albeit less exclusively.  It will be better than  grabbing something impulsively because I am hungry.  I don't really  enjoy that pizza or sandwich I grab on the fly.  Therefore, I will keep  these meals around for those times I am busy and can't easily get a  proper meal.  This will help me maintain the healthier lifestyle I am  trying to adopt.

If you are already successful in dieting, don't change.  However, if you  feel your diet is not working out, than you ought give this option a  look.  Of course, I will continue to prescribe appetite suppressants to  anyone, whenever appropriate, to help them stay on course.

If you are ordering for the first time, consider getting  the "Medifast  Favorites" or the "On the Go Favorites".  If you want to choose  individual meals- you will  need 10 boxes for every 2 weeks.  If you  would like, the office can help you place the first order.  As you can  see,  I have my own opinions about what is good and what isn't.  

 If  you join the Be Slim club, you will get 4 additional  boxes (a $56 value)  for the first two orders and free shipping as long  as you order more than $250- I recommend this option as the most  economical ( I did't do it for me but I did it for my wife).  Even  though you are committing to monthly shipments-you can drop your  membership at ant point.